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About us

Brand Design Agentur MADE in Zürich

Our Claim – What we do surprises. We break up norms and shake things up. Always with the aim of being influen­ti­al and effective.

Creative Branding Session bei MADE in Zürich
Alexander Weis in der Branding Agentur in Zürich

The design team is newly joined by Mosiah. Welcome at MADE!

02 ⁄ 2024
Video Play

What do you think about the lawfirm dresscode? The legal profession is constantly evolving. How? We show this in the format Homburger Generations for the corporate law firm Homburger.

11 ⁄ 2023
Video Play

Less resistance – more collaboration! We created a logo for the ETH program Science Friction.

11 ⁄ 2023

MADHOUSE – 4 hours and 24 minutes, carefully curated. Have fun!  

10 ⁄ 2023
Editorial Design for Swiss Payment Services

Bold and unpredictable. We love translating PAY Magazine's broad array of topics into a unique visual language. Next issue please!

07 ⁄ 2023
Video Play

Tasty food for busy people! Say hello to gustav. A new brand for innovative food concepts around new work. Super fresh, super healthy or the occasional guilty pleasure. Gustav is flexible and right there whenever you’re ”hangry“.

05 ⁄ 2023
Alessio Rattazzi

New addition to our Design-Team – Ciao Alessio!

05 ⁄ 2023
Video Play

Fascination Life – how did it all start and does it exist on other planets? The ETH Research Centre is looking for answers to big questions. We have aligned its interdisciplinary research approach under a logo.

05 ⁄ 2023

Days get longer and moods get better. Our hand-picked tunes for spring.

04 ⁄ 2023

The promise of a new adventure. Our new online recruiting campaign for SWISS cabin crew member.

02 ⁄ 2023

Just arrived – the second issue of "The Script" invites you behind the scenes of DCM's latest movies.

02 ⁄ 2023

Print? Still very much alive. Our publishing efforts 2022.

12 ⁄ 2022

12.12.22 and 12 + 12 = 24, so here are 12 songs on a christmas playlist you don’t have to be ashamed of.

12 ⁄ 2022

Loads of fun (and popcorn!) staging the pieces from the DCM collection.

10 ⁄ 2022

All smiles for the Consulting Team – Hi Leonie!

10 ⁄ 2022

New hands on the design deck – Welcome at MADE Bettina!

10 ⁄ 2022

Smells like sunscreen and pommes-frites – a playlist for the upcoming heatwave. ⁠

07 ⁄ 2022
Video Play

For SIX, we have the honor to accompany a legend into retirement. The Swiss «Einzahlungsschein» (payment slip) will be history as of September 2022. This is a fine little design reduction of the classic.

06 ⁄ 2022
Annual report fenaco

A dialog from city to countryside and vice versa – the 2021 annual report for fenaco.

06 ⁄ 2022
  • Editorial Design für Finanzmagazin PAY
  • Layout und Editorial fürs PAY
  • Print Publikation für Design Kunde SIX
  • Magazin Layout für SIX
  • Editorial Design aus Zürich

The eye-catching spring issue focuses on APIs and other exciting topics related to payment business.

03 ⁄ 2022
Magazin Design für DCM

A magazine for film lovers. We designed the first issue of "The Script" for DCM.

03 ⁄ 2022
Verstärkung des Teams mit Susanne

Taking care of our Office Management: Susanne – welcome to the team!

01 ⁄ 2022
ETH Public Tours 2022 Label

Discover and experience the diverse culture and science of ETH at the 
Public Tours 2022.

01 ⁄ 2022
Video Play Brand Design Projekt für BänzigerPallySchuler+

Accessible, friendly+. A flexible logo and a modern new appearance for BänzigerPallySchuler+.

12 ⁄ 2021
Editorial Design für PAY Cover

The third issue of SIX' PAY magazine is out now. Expressive and vivid, PAY offers a first-hand insight into tomorrow's payment methods.

12 ⁄ 2021
  • Breitbild Plattencover Design
  • Plattencover von Breitbild gestaltet von MADE Identity
  • Design für Breitbild Vinyl Cover

Live from Chur to your record player and into your heart: The new exclusive Breitbild Live-Vinyl. ❤️ (You’ll find us reminiscing and bouncing.)

11 ⁄ 2021
  • Playlist Cover Design for MADE Spotify Playlist
  • Typografie auf Playlist Lineup

What is it with Swiss musicians and food?! Check the probably most culinary playlist ever.

11 ⁄ 2021
  • Editorial Magazin Cover Design für SIX PAY
  • Layout Editorial Design für SIX
  • Illustration für SIX PAY

The success story of SIX’ PAY magazine continues. Issue #2 is bold, colorful and contains all about the future of payments.

09 ⁄ 2021
Video Play Aeberhard Logo Design

A straightforward branding for Aeberhard + Partner – an uprising real estate broker from Switzerland.

08 ⁄ 2021
  • VNTR Logo Design
  • Markenwelt VNTR
  • Illustration VNTR
  • Markenwelt VNTR
  • Label für VNTR Innovation Lab PostFinance

PostFinance's inno lab VNTR hits the next stage. And we equipped them with a new name and a label. To a great start!

07 ⁄ 2021