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Brand Design Agentur MADE in Zürich

Our Claim – What we do surprises. We break up norms and shake things up. Always with the aim of being influen­ti­al and effective.

Creative Branding Session bei MADE in Zürich
Alexander Weis in der Branding Agentur in Zürich
Video Play

For SIX, we have the honor to accompany a legend into retirement. The Swiss «Einzahlungsschein» (payment slip) will be history as of September 2022. This is a fine little design reduction of the classic.

06 ⁄ 2022
Annual report fenaco

A dialog from city to countryside and vice versa – the 2021 annual report for fenaco.

06 ⁄ 2022
  • Editorial Design für Finanzmagazin PAY
  • Layout und Editorial fürs PAY
  • Print Publikation für Design Kunde SIX
  • Magazin Layout für SIX
  • Editorial Design aus Zürich

The eye-catching spring issue focuses on APIs and other exciting topics related to payment business.

03 ⁄ 2022
Magazin Design für DCM

A magazine for film lovers. We designed the first issue of "The Script" for DCM.

03 ⁄ 2022
Verstärkung des Teams mit Susanne

Taking care of our Office Management: Susanne – welcome to the team!

01 ⁄ 2022
ETH Public Tours 2022 Label

Discover and experience the diverse culture and science of ETH at the 
Public Tours 2022.

01 ⁄ 2022
Video Play Brand Design Projekt für BänzigerPallySchuler+

Accessible, friendly+. A flexible logo and a modern new appearance for BänzigerPallySchuler+.

12 ⁄ 2021
Editorial Design für PAY Cover

The third issue of SIX' PAY magazine is out now. Expressive and vivid, PAY offers a first-hand insight into tomorrow's payment methods.

12 ⁄ 2021
  • Breitbild Plattencover Design
  • Plattencover von Breitbild gestaltet von MADE Identity
  • Design für Breitbild Vinyl Cover

Live from Chur to your record player and into your heart: The new exclusive Breitbild Live-Vinyl. ❤️ (You’ll find us reminiscing and bouncing.)

11 ⁄ 2021
  • Playlist Cover Design for MADE Spotify Playlist
  • Typografie auf Playlist Lineup

What is it with Swiss musicians and food?! Check the probably most culinary playlist ever.

11 ⁄ 2021
  • Editorial Magazin Cover Design für SIX PAY
  • Layout Editorial Design für SIX
  • Illustration für SIX PAY

The success story of SIX’ PAY magazine continues. Issue #2 is bold, colorful and contains all about the future of payments.

09 ⁄ 2021
Video Play Aeberhard Logo Design

A straightforward branding for Aeberhard + Partner – an uprising real estate broker from Switzerland.

08 ⁄ 2021
  • VNTR Logo Design
  • Markenwelt VNTR
  • Illustration VNTR
  • Markenwelt VNTR
  • Label für VNTR Innovation Lab PostFinance

PostFinance's inno lab VNTR hits the next stage. And we equipped them with a new name and a label. To a great start!

07 ⁄ 2021
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design Cover
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design Werte
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design Heartbeat
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design zu Besuch bei
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design Experts Only

Spot on payments. Our latest magazine for SIX is nerdy, technical, eye candy. First edition: out now!

06 ⁄ 2021
  • Illustration Postkarten Hand
  • Illustration Postkarten Briefkasten
  • Illustration MADE

There are many reasons to celebrate. And we got ourselves a bright set of cards for quite a few. Just give us a reason!

04 ⁄ 2021
Spotify Playlist Cover Design

No, that’s not a representation of our music taste. Or is it? Anyway, check out our latest playlist.

03 ⁄ 2021
  • ETH Zürich – Gebäudebanner aus Kommunikationskonzept Public Tours
  • ETH Zürich – Gebäudebanner aus Kommunikationskonzept Public Tours

An unexpected cultural institution – communication concept for ETH Public Tours. Experience science here.

02 ⁄ 2021
Remote Tunes – Spotify Playlist von MADE Identity

A MADE home office delivery from us to you. Tune in to vibe with us on Spotify!

11 ⁄ 2020
Video Play Editorial Design für Magazin von SIX

RED is a new concept we worked out for SIX. The magazine features finance, economics and stock market topics. We provided it with a strong editorial design and a cover to stand out. #inlove

11 ⁄ 2020
Award für Rebranding von SESH

Congrats to SESH on winning Best of Swiss Gastro. Creating the brand was fun and colorful – straight from the beginning all the way to a successful launch. To even more success in the future: cheers and #bebowld

11 ⁄ 2020
Icon Design / Illustrationen für Freitag

Our collaboration with Freitag goes back quite some time. Working together still is a source of inspiration – Freitag’s products simply keep on evolving. And they take our work around the globe: our illustrations accompany selected bags.

11 ⁄ 2020
Erfolgreiches Branding für mila

Congrats to Mila! This is a huge step: the Swisscom spin-off loosens its ties to its parent company and accelerates internationally supported by investors from Switzerland and the Silicon Valley.

10 ⁄ 2020
  • Agenturleben bei MADE in Zürich
  • Gespräche und gutes Essen bei MADE
  • Essen und Lachen bei MADE in Zürich


08 ⁄ 2020
  • Mobile Screen Design für den digitalen Geschäftsbericht
  • Geberit Produktbilder Shooting
  • Responsive Design Geschäftsbericht 2019

We peeked behind design-processes, sales-pitches and walls. And we’re convinced now: Geberit ONE is a revolution for your bathroom. Why? The answer is in four dimensions.

03 ⁄ 2020
  • Mobile Screen Design für Helsana
  • Digitales Design für Helsana Geschäftsbericht
  • Screen Design Helsana 2019

Happy 5th Birthday to «our» Helsana Annual Report. Our gift is a new and crisp framework: in print and digital.

02 ⁄ 2020
  • TX Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Entwicklung in Zürich
  • Bildwelt für TX Branding
  • Branding Material TX Group

A reason to celebrate: 4 years ago we created a new visual identity for Tamedia. And now they took as aboard for the next big step. We’re presenting: TX – the digital hub of Switzerland.

01 ⁄ 2020
  • Brand Design für Breitbild
  • Breitbild Jubiläum Visual Identity System
  • Breitbild Visual Identity System
  • Breitbild Visual Identity

«Gimmer as Mic. Patschifig. Uf üs. Für 1 hets immer no glangt. Liidaschaft. Solang d Sunne no schiint. Dis Johr. 30 isch ds neua 50.» – That’s Swiss German for: Breitbild is turning 20! Prep’ is going well, party is going to be huge!

11 ⁄ 2019
  • Signaletik F62
  • Signaletik Projekt von MADE
  • Signaletik System F62
  • Brand Design für F62

Another cool collab with spillmann echsle architekten: The F62 makes Zurich's west shine. And we’re going all in – with an abstract reference to the previous owner of the building, Pirelli. A perfect fit!

10 ⁄ 2019
  • Hug Packaging Design
  • Mobile Screen Design für Hug Branding
  • Corporate Identity Elements für Hug Rebranding
  • Hug IPA Packaging Design

We’re drunken with happiness! It’s a beer and we’re calling it Hug. Freshly brewed today: the new bottle design. Cheers.

09 ⁄ 2019
  • Helsana Brand Refresh
  • Helsana Branding Details
  • Helsana Identity Design
  • Helsana Branding Anwendung

Change needs to blend in with daily business. This why we went well beyond change communication for the Helsana IT. We created tools, encouraged collaboration and took up quite some space. And the result is massive!

09 ⁄ 2019