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Brand Design Agentur MADE in Zürich

Our Claim – What we do surprises. We break up norms and shake things up. Always with the aim of being influen­ti­al and effective.

Creative Branding Session bei MADE in Zürich
Alexander Weis in der Branding Agentur in Zürich

The promise of a new adventure. Our new online recruiting campaign for SWISS cabin crew member.

02 ⁄ 2023

Just arrived – the second issue of "The Script" invites you behind the scenes of DCM's latest movies.

02 ⁄ 2023

Print? Still very much alive. Our publishing efforts 2022.

12 ⁄ 2022

12.12.22 and 12 + 12 = 24, so here are 12 songs on a christmas playlist you don’t have to be ashamed of.

12 ⁄ 2022

Loads of fun (and popcorn!) staging the pieces from the DCM collection.

10 ⁄ 2022

All smiles for the Consulting Team – Hi Leonie!

10 ⁄ 2022

New hands on the design deck – Welcome at MADE Bettina!

10 ⁄ 2022

Smells like sunscreen and pommes-frites – a playlist for the upcoming heatwave. ⁠

07 ⁄ 2022
Video Play

For SIX, we have the honor to accompany a legend into retirement. The Swiss «Einzahlungsschein» (payment slip) will be history as of September 2022. This is a fine little design reduction of the classic.

06 ⁄ 2022
Annual report fenaco

A dialog from city to countryside and vice versa – the 2021 annual report for fenaco.

06 ⁄ 2022
  • Editorial Design für Finanzmagazin PAY
  • Layout und Editorial fürs PAY
  • Print Publikation für Design Kunde SIX
  • Magazin Layout für SIX
  • Editorial Design aus Zürich

The eye-catching spring issue focuses on APIs and other exciting topics related to payment business.

03 ⁄ 2022
Magazin Design für DCM

A magazine for film lovers. We designed the first issue of "The Script" for DCM.

03 ⁄ 2022
Verstärkung des Teams mit Susanne

Taking care of our Office Management: Susanne – welcome to the team!

01 ⁄ 2022
ETH Public Tours 2022 Label

Discover and experience the diverse culture and science of ETH at the 
Public Tours 2022.

01 ⁄ 2022
Video Play Brand Design Projekt für BänzigerPallySchuler+

Accessible, friendly+. A flexible logo and a modern new appearance for BänzigerPallySchuler+.

12 ⁄ 2021
Editorial Design für PAY Cover

The third issue of SIX' PAY magazine is out now. Expressive and vivid, PAY offers a first-hand insight into tomorrow's payment methods.

12 ⁄ 2021
  • Breitbild Plattencover Design
  • Plattencover von Breitbild gestaltet von MADE Identity
  • Design für Breitbild Vinyl Cover

Live from Chur to your record player and into your heart: The new exclusive Breitbild Live-Vinyl. ❤️ (You’ll find us reminiscing and bouncing.)

11 ⁄ 2021
  • Playlist Cover Design for MADE Spotify Playlist
  • Typografie auf Playlist Lineup

What is it with Swiss musicians and food?! Check the probably most culinary playlist ever.

11 ⁄ 2021
  • Editorial Magazin Cover Design für SIX PAY
  • Layout Editorial Design für SIX
  • Illustration für SIX PAY

The success story of SIX’ PAY magazine continues. Issue #2 is bold, colorful and contains all about the future of payments.

09 ⁄ 2021
Video Play Aeberhard Logo Design

A straightforward branding for Aeberhard + Partner – an uprising real estate broker from Switzerland.

08 ⁄ 2021
  • VNTR Logo Design
  • Markenwelt VNTR
  • Illustration VNTR
  • Markenwelt VNTR
  • Label für VNTR Innovation Lab PostFinance

PostFinance's inno lab VNTR hits the next stage. And we equipped them with a new name and a label. To a great start!

07 ⁄ 2021
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design Cover
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design Werte
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design Heartbeat
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design zu Besuch bei
  • SIX PAY Magazin Editorial Design Experts Only

Spot on payments. Our latest magazine for SIX is nerdy, technical, eye candy. First edition: out now!

06 ⁄ 2021
  • Illustration Postkarten Hand
  • Illustration Postkarten Briefkasten
  • Illustration MADE

There are many reasons to celebrate. And we got ourselves a bright set of cards for quite a few. Just give us a reason!

04 ⁄ 2021
Spotify Playlist Cover Design

No, that’s not a representation of our music taste. Or is it? Anyway, check out our latest playlist.

03 ⁄ 2021
  • ETH Zürich – Gebäudebanner aus Kommunikationskonzept Public Tours
  • ETH Zürich – Gebäudebanner aus Kommunikationskonzept Public Tours

An unexpected cultural institution – communication concept for ETH Public Tours. Experience science here.

02 ⁄ 2021
Remote Tunes – Spotify Playlist von MADE Identity

A MADE home office delivery from us to you. Tune in to vibe with us on Spotify!

11 ⁄ 2020
Video Play Editorial Design für Magazin von SIX

RED is a new concept we worked out for SIX. The magazine features finance, economics and stock market topics. We provided it with a strong editorial design and a cover to stand out. #inlove

11 ⁄ 2020
Award für Rebranding von SESH

Congrats to SESH on winning Best of Swiss Gastro. Creating the brand was fun and colorful – straight from the beginning all the way to a successful launch. To even more success in the future: cheers and #bebowld

11 ⁄ 2020
Icon Design / Illustrationen für Freitag

Our collaboration with Freitag goes back quite some time. Working together still is a source of inspiration – Freitag’s products simply keep on evolving. And they take our work around the globe: our illustrations accompany selected bags.

11 ⁄ 2020
Erfolgreiches Branding für mila

Congrats to Mila! This is a huge step: the Swisscom spin-off loosens its ties to its parent company and accelerates internationally supported by investors from Switzerland and the Silicon Valley.

10 ⁄ 2020