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Our Claim – What we do surprises. We break up norms and shake things up. Always with the aim of being influen­ti­al and effective.

Mila Celebrate

Congrats to Mila! This is a huge step: the Swisscom spin-off loosens its ties to its parent company and accelerates internationally supported by investors from Switzerland and the Silicon Valley.

10 ⁄ 2020


08 ⁄ 2020

We peeked behind design-processes, sales-pitches and walls. And we’re convinced now: Geberit ONE is a revolution for your bathroom. Why? The answer is in four dimensions.

03 ⁄ 2020

Happy 5th Birthday to «our» Helsana Annual Report. Our gift is a new and crisp framework: in print and digital.

02 ⁄ 2020

A reason to celebrate: 4 years ago we created a new visual identity for Tamedia. And now they took as aboard for the next big step. We’re presenting: TX – the digital hub of Switzerland.

01 ⁄ 2020

«Gimmer as Mic. Patschifig. Uf üs. Für 1 hets immer no glangt. Liidaschaft. Solang d Sunne no schiint. Dis Johr. 30 isch ds neua 50.» – That’s Swiss German for: Breitbild is turning 20! Prep’ is going well, party is going to be huge!

11 ⁄ 2019

Another cool collab with spillmann echsle architekten: The F62 makes Zurich's west shine. And we’re going all in – with an abstract reference to the previous owner of the building, Pirelli. A perfect fit!

10 ⁄ 2019

We’re drunken with happiness! It’s a beer and we’re calling it Hug. Freshly brewed today: the new bottle design. Cheers.

09 ⁄ 2019

Change needs to blend in with daily business. This why we went well beyond change communication for the Helsana IT. We created tools, encouraged collaboration and took up quite some space. And the result is massive!

09 ⁄ 2019

MADE hits the movies. And we are proud to contribute to this UN project: Starring Emily Beecham, directed by Bettina Oberli. To a successful premiere in Rome!

08 ⁄ 2019

We're working with Geberit since a while. And now we want to share their recipe for success to the world: Check out their 2018 annual report.

03 ⁄ 2019

Also this year we put our mark on the SMAs: we promote rookies to the mainstage, side by side with their idols – the vets of the Swiss music scene. Expressive, confident, staged colorfully.  

02 ⁄ 2019

Tawara travels to make music and makes music to travel. And this is what the world, we created around Horizon is espressing. Check out the new album ∕ travel diary.

05 ⁄ 2018

The temperature is rising. And we add to the hype by promoting Tonhalle Orchester’s big numbers as our personal contribution to the World Cup. Cu: at the public listening on Münsterhof.

05 ⁄ 2018

We sampled, designed, prototyped, racked our brains. But regardless of the process, it’s the result that counts – and it meets our tastes. The SPIGA packaging from now on exhibits, who takes home Italianità!

04 ⁄ 2018

No reservations. That’s the key requirement for the new SIX employee magazine – we met it with straight talk and relevancy. But we also wanted connect to be fast paced and full of variety. Check out the result: Edition 1 is out causing controversy.

02 ⁄ 2018
Video Play

Our agency lives up to our standards. And since we kept on searching for a long time and still didn’t find, we also took this design project in our own hands. Now we are proud and happy: our new trolleys arrived!

02 ⁄ 2018

Give me all you got. For the 2018 SMAs we make artists leave their comfort zone. A tribute to the Rolling Stone, to the Esquire and to the Vogue. The campaign is running. 2 months, cross-media, all over Switzerland.

02 ⁄ 2018

Home sweet home.

12 ⁄ 2017