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«Even those who are afraid of flying, can find their dream job with us.»

The shortage of skilled workers does not stop at Switzerland’s most popular airline. SWISS sees this as an opportu­ni­ty to sharpen its self-image as an employer and to appear with a clear profile towards the target group.

The collabo­ra­ti­on starts with the strategic discus­sion on the Employer Brand. The jobs at SWISS are diverse. They range from the cockpit to organi­sa­ti­on and logistics to the hangar. In order to do justice to this diversity, we have developed a two-stage Employee Value Proposi­ti­on. Defining a common purpose at the centre as a unifying element and combining it with specific value proposi­ti­ons for each profes­si­on. In this way, we ensure that the different needs are taken into account while at the same time anchoring a common identity at the core.

The increased demand in air traffic makes the cabin crew a key target group.

SWISS needs new forces on board. That’s why the first campaign is dedicated to cabin crew members. With a first wave on online channels, SWISS is aiming for a quick response. Conceptually we put striking headlines in the sky. Colour gradients familiar from the fringe hours of the day. This makes the campaign stand out from traditional SWISS customer communication.

Banner Kamapgne

A second wave is played out more broadly and gives the cabin crew a appearan­ce. We show accessi­bi­li­ty and sense of change. Team spirit and class. The campaign My Job. My Crew. My Lifestyle.” emphasi­ses the unique recipe of the profes­si­on. The world as a workplace, the role of host and the crew spirit are the driving forces behind the job as a cabin crew member. The new campaign offers the opportu­ni­ty for a personal new beginning and marks a first step in the long-term collabo­ra­ti­on between SWISS and MADE.

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