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TX comes from within – the new identity is not an invention. It condenses the most demanding intenti­ons and visions into two letters and makes them visible.

TX is the result of an intensive and open dialogue. We worked closely with the group’s manage­ment team to define the brand’s intenti­ons and ambitions. This was important because TX had to go from idea to implemen­ta­ti­on in the shortest possible time. A strong identity emerged that does not seek to hide behind its brands as a group, but instead visibly presents its roles and messages to the outside world. TX is active and develops its own gravita­tio­nal force.

uniting platforms – the claim sums up the mission in a nutshell. The group brings its portfolio together in a common space and encoura­ges interchan­ge. Know-how, infrast­ruc­tu­re, experi­ence and vision. TX’s contri­bu­ti­on to its own ecosystem is much more than shared services.

Make the essential visible. Logo, pattern, glitch. The brand is built of platforms – literally.

TX is on the move and will remain so. That’s why we have made change an integral part of the brand and aligned our architecture with it. Agility means quality – and a brand for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Digital DNA is a part of TX. We keep making it shine. For example in the font.

MADE quickly manages to gain an understanding
of what should be and what is not yet – and also succeeds in formulating this claim in terms of content and visuals. – Pietro Supino, Chairman of the TX Group.

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