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Tonhalle Maag Beschriftung/Signaletik

Almost hidden behind the imposing Prime Tower, between new buildings and industri­al halls, lies the new Tonhalle Maag. During the reconstruc­tion of the legendary Tonhalle in the Conven­ti­on Center, the Tonhalle Maag will become the new home of classical music in Zurich. First and foremost for the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, which shares its name.

Tonhalle Maag Logo Design

Reduced to nothing but initials, the brand image forms a surface, the chosen colours create volume, and the corners and edges establish a self-confident reference to industry. This link was deliber­ate­ly retained during the conver­si­on of the produc­tion hall into a concert hall.

Tonhalle Maag Logo Design auf Bildwelt
Responsive Web Design für Tonhalle Maag Rebranding

A brand at the beating heart of Zurich West, a tribute to the history of the Maag Areal and at the same time an attrac­ti­ve platform for orches­tras and organisers.

Design Detail Signaletik System
Branding mit Signaletik

The brand materialises in omnipresent signage. The wayfinding was developed in close cooperation with the architects of spillmann echsle, who are responsible for the construction of the new concert hall. The styling of the guide bodies is derived from the Tonhalle logo and plays with the architectural realities.

Signaletik/Wegleitsystem Tonhalle Maag
Signaletik Design Tonhalle Maag Branding
Tonhalle Maag Signaletik Design
Poster Design für Tonhalle Maag Branding
Poster Design Tonhalle Maag Jahresprogramm

A sonorous schedule for the season.

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