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User Interface Visual

Communi­ca­te smoothly in every language. Textshut­tle makes communi­ca­ti­on limitless.

Textshut­tle is a spin-off from the Institute of Computa­tio­nal Linguis­tics at the Univer­si­ty of Zurich. As specia­list in AI techno­lo­gy, Textshut­tle creates intelli­gent language assistance for companies. Their solutions increase transla­ti­on effici­en­cy in language services by 40 – 60% and enable all employees to communi­ca­te fluently in around 20 languages. textshut​tle​.com offers the training ground of their transla­ti­on AI as a free transla­ti­on service.

Textshuttle Wortmarke

The essence of Textshuttle is its Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the quality with which it is built and trained. The Textshuttle AI is a key part of the promise of quality. This magic is meant to find a home in the brand’s identity, and it does so in the vibrant figurative mark “Tex”. In its initial form, “Tex” symbolizes a T for Textshuttle. In the application, the form is animated. It communicates, makes performance visible, AI tangible. “Tex” is a point of connection for users.

The double-page: the most successful
layout principle in the world as an
inspira­ti­on for the new UX of Textshuttle.

Translation tools have already established a certain UX and look. For Textshuttle, we wanted to break with that expression. We are guided by the most intuitive way of contrasting content – the book. The interface puts the maximum focus on content and makes the workspace as large and intuitive as possible. Frameless. Seamless. The word and the engagement with it thus receive the greatest possible attention.

Our perfor­mance is mostly invisible. It is hidden in the code. With our brand identity Textshut­tle becomes an experi­ence. – Samuel Läubli, Co-Founder, CTO and COB

Textshuttle Illustrationswelt

Together, we had many discussions about where the biggest fundamental promise lies. Textshuttle goes far beyond simple translation. As an integral add-on in «MS Office», it empowers employees throughout the organisation to communicate in a multilingual way, automates the translation of entire product catalogs in eCommerce and optimizes texts even in the source language. Textshuttle removes hurdles and makes stylistically sound communication limitless.

Textshuttle Word Implementation
mobiler AI Spracharbeitsplatz

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