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Tamedia Logo Design

We no longer read our news on paper. We seek a digital connec­tion to world events. This change should become visible.

In Tamedia’s new brand identity, we are merging its digital self-image with a proud heritage. The original quill T has been transformed into an iconic figurative logo.

Tamedia Branding Anwendungen
Tamedia Logo Design Skizzen
Tamedia Signaletik/Beschriftung für Branding

T for Tamedia. Right from the start we put all our weight behind the figurative logo. The word mark Tamedia is rarely added. It pays to be brave. The iconic T thus acquires additional conciseness and stands unmistakably and boldly for Tamedia.

Tamedia Rebranding Elemente
Tamedia Branding Anwendung
Tamedia Brand Design

stay curious – at the beginning of every story there is curiosity. Whether it is written or read. The need for answers is at the heart of Tamedia and repres­ents the essence of the claim.

Tamedia Brand Identity System

Tamedia is the home of journalistic diversity.

Tamedia Inserat Design

Here we are – no false promises, no spectacular announcements, and still unmissable. The launch campaign enabled Tamedia to establish the new brand image in a very short time across all regions. Stay curious.

Tamedia Inserat
Tamedia Foto Shooting für Rebranding
Tamedia Shooting für Brand Design

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