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Interiour Design für SESH

We don’t start from scratch, but almost. Precisely speaking, the story of SESH starts with an empty bowl and the intention to build an inspiring place around it. In joint sessions we explored and manifes­ted the SESH philoso­phy. SESH is exhilara­ti­on, wander­lust, sun on your face, horizon in your eyes. An experi­ence that grows beyond catering.

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Layoutprinzip Sesh Branding

It was a long search for the right name, and SESH finally took its place naturally. SESH colloquially stands for session – a beginning, an end, an undertaking. But in SESH there is also a sound-painting moment. [ˈsɛʃ] is the wave that washes up on the beach, the breeze on the porch.

SESH Packaging Design
Print Design für SESH
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BE BOWLD The claim fuses attitude and product in a catchy statement.

Packaging Design für SESH
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The brand basics create a huge playground for a lively appearan­ce. The logo develops into a pattern and radiates a hypnoti­zing calm with undula­ting movements. The brand colors take up all facets of the colorful bowls and the imagery opens up an interplay between culinary and snapshots of the island.

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SESH Brand Design

The brand has an unmistaka­ble signature. The layout system defines a simple interplay of brand elements. This results in a consis­tent brand presence at all touchpoints – for the promotion of new offers or the engage­ment with the community to the packaging, which makes SESH visible far beyond the restaurant.

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