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No matter whether you want to fix your computer, set up your smart home or lay cables, on mila​.com you can find a technical expert in your neighbour­hood in just a few clicks.

Mila started out as a spin-off for Swisscom Services – and was extremely successful. Since then, Mila has become a promising venture with an international group of investors comprising Alpana Ventures, Oriza and Plug and Play. Before taking the step abroad and opening up to B2B, Mila decided to rebrand itself. A new start, which transports the service across different cultures and makes the company’s high ambitions visible with a new self-image.

seamless and sleek – Mila’s brand experi­ence proves itself in the user interac­tion on the platform. The language and visual expres­si­on of the brand were developed with the relevant focus on the digital touchpoints. The brand story becomes a product pledge and a claim for the journey.

Storytel­ling is done with simple, accessi­ble illustra­ti­ons without reference to a limited target group. Because Mila is for everyone – across all genera­ti­ons and cultures.

a glocal experi­ence – the service is global, the encounter local. Mila’s brand identity always seeks to strike a balance between regional referen­ces and interna­tio­nal appeal.

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