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Cigars, rum and coffee. At Manuel’s, indulgence is writ large and wander­lust is sated. The restau­rant at Löwenstras­se 12 in Zurich presents its fine products over three floors and also offers the opportu­ni­ty to linger in the fumoir or at the bar.

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From «Premium Cigars» to «Manuel’s» – Manuel Fröhlich is not only the owner of this establishment, but also a cigar connoisseur, Cuba specialist and writer for a number of cigar magazines. His expertise and genuine approach put him at the centre of the new brand, as its host and namesake. Welcome to Manuel’s.

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The new brand identity has also been extended online. Here the Caribbean experi­ence is of secondary import­ance. The shop should impress visitors with its clear naviga­ti­on and simple checkout. Nevertheless, both touchpoints have a high degree of affinity with each other.

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Bildwelt für Manuels Zürich

Columbus could learn a few things here. The lights are low. Sit back and indulge. Quiet Caribbean music emanates from the ground floor. The air is humid. It smells of fine tobacco and wood.

A visit to Manuel’s is an experience. The shop takes its customers on a sensory voyage of discovery to the Caribbean. Wood, fabrics, stencils and Caribbean colours provide an atmospheric backdrop. Goods throng the counter and the fan turns on the ceiling. The drama of a visit becomes the script for brand development.

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Bildwelt Manuels Zürich
Bildwelt Manuels

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