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Long live the products! – Every household has an average of 72 electri­cal devices. And no one has an overview. Loopia wants to change that with a smart app and low-threshold services.

Products are valuable. And Loopia wants to preserve this value. With the app, Loopia makes your products visible at a glance and links clever services to them: repair, lend, sell, recycle. Partnerships with Revendo, Steg and Sharely have already been deployed. Many more will follow so that the biography for each individual product is as long and meaningful as possible.

We are excited about this idea and have supported the Loopia team with the development of the positioning and the brand with a lot of heart and soul.

A brand that gets by with very few elements and still provides full recognition.

The logo has clean, calm lines. It looks familiar and plays with the ambiguity of looping and the switch button of our devices.

The dominant primary color is given a lot of space and builds a strong connection between communication and app. The illustrative elements also create a strong recognition and add a charming touch to the brand – an effective counterweight to the precise forms of the word mark.

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