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Entrepre­neu­ri­al know-how intert­wi­ned with family history. Four siblings from the 2nd genera­ti­on continue the philan­thro­pic tradition of the Schmidhei­ny family with the Fourfold Foundation.

Unfolding impact. It takes courage to change the world. And resources to make a difference. The Fourfold Founda­ti­on contri­bu­tes both. Its purpose is much more than pure philan­thro­pic invest­ment. Bringing ambition, entrepre­neu­ri­al know-how and a family network to the projects.

Origin and personality become apparent in the logo. Vibrant and handwritten, the reference to the family is manifested. Dynamic as a promise of personal commitment.

The website is the central landmark for the brand. It allows people to immerse themselves in projects through appealing storytelling. The compass summarises projects and points north. It is a signpost and brings the worldwide impact of Fourfold to life.

The projects and their visibility are important to the four siblings. The imagery puts commitment on display and encounters eye-to-eye in partnership. The family stays in the background and is visible with a quote through their hands.

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