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DCM Logo Design Branding
Typografie DCM Branding

create to inspire – DCM is more than just a film distri­bu­tor. After 10 years and countless successes, the company has developed a curator’s signature and built up an impres­si­ve sphere of influence. DCM produces films, wins awards, tells stories and portrays persona­li­ties. DCM promotes talents and empowers icons, issues invita­ti­ons to events and opens cinemas – in legendary audito­ri­ums or in the open air. Behind these three letters is a young team that acts unconven­tio­nal­ly and boldly. Thanks to our new brand identity, we are giving this character the expres­si­on it deserves

Great stories. That’s what drives us. We are fascina­ted by where they lead us and what results from them. So we work on and with stories all day, everyday. Bringing them to life and to an audience.

DCM Illustrationen Animiert
DCM Illustrationen Animation

An emphasis, a side note. The Creative Elements embody the signature, humour and creative impulse of DCM.

DCM Bildwelt Logoanwendung
Illustrationen DCM Branding
Bildwelt DCM Van Gogh
Bildwelt DCM Moonlight

Movie Tints – the light that shines off the screen and back into the auditorium. Onto the faces of the audience. These pastel shades are part of DCM’s colour scheme and are used as signature colours in film communication. As an essential shimmer that settles over the world of DCM.

DCM Movie Opener Cinema

The brand provides scope for unique collabo­ra­ti­ons. We produced the film opener in associa­ti­on with the wonderful Christoph Niemann. DCM, diving into new worlds.

DCM Werbung Plakat Berlin

The white space in the brand environment becomes a canvas for large cinematic stills.

DCM Illustrationen Animation
DCM Logo Pattern

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