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Branding Shooting Braukellerei Hug

This is not a case study, it is a founding story. Master brewer Lorenz Hug approa­ched us to design a label for his beer. His request became a tasting session, which prompted a lesson. Lorenz’s beers are out of this world. They offer multi-faceted, rich bouquets, beyond mainstream. At the next meeting he served us dinner, accompa­nied by beer, and an ambition was born: this beer belongs on the wine list.

Packaging Design Braukellerei Hug

In order to meet this demand, the product needs a brand experience that corresponds to craft and quality. With every aspect of the brand, we are walking the tightrope between wine culture and beer tradition. Bulbous champagne bottle meets crown caps, high-quality staging meets spidery handwriting. Hug is a Braukellerei and uses a rich and full-bodied language for its creations.

Packaging Design Packshots

Hug stands for craftmanship. And we emphasised this with the handwriting BK Hug Regular, which was especially developed for the brand. Each letter has multiple forms, that are displayed variably for an authentic typeface.

Branding Visual Braukellerei Hug
Braukellerei Hug Rebranding
Bildwelt für den neuen Markenauftritt
Corporate Imagery Branding Case
Packaging Design und Typografie Visual
Brand Design für Braukellerei Hug
Visual Identity Design für Schweizer Biermarke

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