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Like a bird’s eye view on gable roofs. The figura­ti­ve mark combines the initial with the profes­si­on and a promise. Aeberhard + Partner keeps the overview.

Expertise for brokering new constructions. Marco Aeberhard founded his real estate consultancy in 2018 and has successfully developed the company into a specialist for new construction and development projects. With the new brand identity, we are sharpening the positioning of Aeberhard + Partner and makeing it unmistakably visible to the outside world.

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Bildwelt Aeberhard Branding
Bildwelt Markenwelt Aeberhard

New construc­tion projects thrive on visions. Accord­in­gly, the visual world plays a major role in the new appearan­ce. We created a warm, inviting mood. Showing lively spaces and settle­ments. Giving dreams the necessary surface for projection.

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