Pink hat on a movie theater seat with DCM logo, Branding, MADE Identity


A world of a thousand stories, scripts and notes. This is the story of how we created an inspiring signature for the most exciting curator in German-speaking cinema.

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DCM Case 002 V2
Black and white image of Mads Mikkelsen and the director with the DCM logo on top, Branding, MADE Identity
Multiple pages of hand-drawn sketches for DCM, Branding, MADE Identity
DCM Case 007
Black couch with the DCM magazine, showing the editorial design of the magazine
Poster Design, Branding, MADE Identity, Three posters of DCM on a concrete wall
In a darkened movie theater, an advertisement for DCM appears on a red screen, Branding, MADE Identity
Multiple DCM magazines on the floor, Editorial Design, Branding, MADE Identity
DCM Case 016